Excavation at South Hylton is going to start soon – 7th August 2017

David Jackson who is the lead archaeologist has given us some more information about the excavation starting at South Hylton near to the Golden Lion pub on 7th August.

At what time will the archaeologists be on site?

Looking at tide times over the first three days of next week, it appears that there should be a window of opportunity to get some productive work done on the site between roughly 9:30-13:00, although as the week progresses these times will fluctuate as low tide appears to creep later into the day as the week goes on.

On that basis, Dave assumes that by the end of next week, the window for excavation work would be towards midday and into the afternoon.

We will publish the low tide times on here and on Facebook as the days progress as we can only find out the low tide times a few days in advance.

Although Dave and the other archaeologists won’t be able to spend full days digging,  Dave advises  that staff  from  Wardell Armstrong will be on site all day (approx. 09:00-17:00) to talk to visitors/volunteers etc. about what they are doing, how they are doing it and why.

Will the weather delay the excavations?

The work can only be carried out  in decent weather. Looking at the weather for early next week, it appears to be forecast for showers with bright spells Monday/Tuesday and a bit nicer on Wednesday but the weather has been quite changeable recently so we will all be keeping an eye on the weather forecast and hoping for high pressure.

What other things will be happening at the site?

We can’t guarantee that there will be a sufficient number of finds turning up but there will be opportunities to look at any finds and help with the washing of them. Anything found will probably be covered in thick river mud.

Wardell Armstrong have worked on a number of Roman sites recently and they are planning to bring a selection of Roman finds from their office so visitors and volunteers can at least look at the type of things that turn up on Roman sites  which also may include finds from other periods as well.

Sue Thompson who is a finds person  will be on site most days to talk to people about finds and the processes the archaeologists  go through during both the excavation and post-excavation stages to deal with finds.

Sue and  Liaison Officer, Fiona Lister, may be able to take small groups of people who aren’t familiar with the project to some of the other sites to see the stones (Roker Beach etc.). This would of course, be subject to sufficient transport.

Monday 7th August will mainly be a project set-up day (making the site safe, fencing off the welfare, marquee etc.), however it would be nice to see a few people visit the site so the archaeologists and staff from Wardell Armstrong can discuss the project with visitors….. although Dave would like to get a bit of digging done on Monday too.

Opus Revinctum (Courtesy of Keith Cockerill)

Tide Times

7th August  Low tide is 10.22am – 16.26 pm

8th August Low tide is 10.27am – 17.01pm

9th August Low Tide is 11.32am – 17.35pm