Dredging at South Hylton 1800’s

We have received two wonderful old photo’s from Keith Cockerill, one of which shows a dredger working at the site of the Brig Stones and the other shows a view of the Shipwrights.

Hopefully we will be add more details about these photographs as they become known.

We would love to know the date these images were taken – if you can help to date them please would you contact us at sunderlandsforgottenstones@gmail.com

Dredger at South Hylton (Courtesy K.Cockerill)

17th July 2017  – We have received some information from Philip Anderson and Bill Hawkins via the ‘South Hylton in Pictures and Video’ Facebook Group.

Phil and Bill date this photo to the 1950’s and advise that it is a RWC Grab Dredger. This particular one is Hopper No.1 and it was used for pipe clearing and laying.

You can see a Hopper if you look in the boat yard, just along from the Shipwrights and opposite the Golden Lion pub  as the large vessel moored there is Hopper No.36.

19th July 2017 – Alan Liddle has contacted us to add to the information about the possibility that the Hopper is pipe laying. He agrees that it might just be doing just that as the place where it is shown working in this photo there an old pipe line across the river roughly next to the old pumping station that is now the site of where all the old boats are moored.

Alan also adds that around this site there are some old stone blocks in the river. He has also found  Roman coins and concrete near to here. Intriguingly, Alan also mentions some ornate paving that was also said to be nearby.

It is great that we are receiving so much information. If you have any information about the site where this photo was taken or about Roman evidence in Sunderland please contact us.

The Shipwrights viewed from South Hylton.

The Shipwrights (Courtesy K Cockerill)