Last few days of dig at South Hylton – last chance to visit

Last few days of dig at South Hylton – last chance to visit

As the low tide times creep into late afternoon, it is obvious that Thursday will be the last chance to spend any decent amount of time at the South Hylton dig site.

So please come down to see what we have found so far before everything is packed up.

The tide times for the rest of the week are:

Tuesday 15th August              15.54pm – 22.12pm

Wednesday 16th August        up to 10.34am and later in the day 17.06pm – 23.22pm

Thursday 17th August            up to 11.51am in the morning and then from 18.25pm onwards

Friday 18th August                7.03am to 13.09pm

On Friday a specialised archaeological diver will visit the site and he hopes to be under the water from 7am for an hour – so any early birds up and about are welcome to come down to the site from 7am.

The South Hylton site will close at high tide.

We hope to have an end of dig meeting around 1pm to enable the archaeologists to explain their findings and show the finds from the site. If you have been volunteering at the site you are very welcome to come to this meeting.

The project has funding to examine nine sites along the river and although the work will complete this week at the South Hylton site, work at the other sites will continue until the project is complete.

We hope to discover lots of new information about how the river was used throughout the years and how industrialisation affected it.

Access to the other project sites are limited to access by the archaeologists only for health and safety reasons, apart from one – the farm site at North Hylton.

Unfortunately access to the farm site had to be cancelled earlier this month….but we may have some good news about this site for everyone soon.

If you have enjoyed visiting the South Hylton dig site and want to remain involved please keep in touch with this website. We will continue to publish updates and news about the other sites and how to become involved as the weeks progress.