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Links to articles, news and related information concerning the Brig Stones :

Cockerill,Keith   – link to the three pages illustrating Brig Stones –        Memories and Mementoes of Sunderland Through Time

Sitelines : Tyne and Wear’s Historic Environment Record –  and Nab End

Sunderand Echo News : and

Victoria County History : and

Press Reader ( Wear Be Damned – article from Sunderland Echo dated 30/05/2012) :

South Hylton Local History Society (South Hylton Church and Village) :

Sunderland Antiquarians article:

Sky Scraper City – Sunderland History Chat  – see entry for 28th May 2012:

BBC History :

Wikipedia entry for South Hylton:

Roman Bridges on Dere Street  – Archaeology Data Service – click accept to read article  –

An article by Gillian Cookson regarding the ferries on the Wear :

Sunderland Echo – Roman remains in Sunderland :

Map of Roman Britain (North-East) – the green dots show the sources of the River Wear (Vedra):

Brigantes Nation – this article includes a mention of a Roman Dam at Hylton :

It has been suggested that the bridge/dam at  Montigny may be similar in construction to the bridge/dam at Hylton

Roman structure in river at Barnard Castle

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