Low Tides 13th – 18th August 2017

With low tide now happening later in the day, Wardell Armstrong’s work will commence at the beginning of low tide, which means working from the afternoon into early evening, so for anyone planning on coming down to take a look or volunteer, please be aware of this.  Tide times for the coming days are outlined below and further updates will follow later in the week:

13th August – 14.06-20.17

14th August – 14.54 -21.11

15th August 15.54 – 22.12

16th August up to 10.34 and later in the day 17.06 – 23.22

17th August – up to 11.51 in the morning and then from 18.25  onwards

18th August – 7.03 to 13.09

Sunset is at approximately 20.46 during the week.

The tide times are given for the mouth of the river and low tide at South Hylton is approximately 30 minutes later.

Please remember community volunteers are always welcome while the dig is operational!

Photo from Norman Kirtlan