North Hylton dig draws to close

Friday 3rd of November is the last day of the examination of the field at North Hylton and things there will wind up from lunch time.

There is a possibility that an old well will be examined on the last day.

Wardell Armstrong have been ably assisted by 13 members of the Northern Archaeology Group (NAG) as well as guest visits from at least three other helpers.

Phil Carter from NAG explained that the main feature that was being investigated was a large crop mark, When it was investigated nothing Roman emerged but the dig did reveal the remains of a post medieval farm house and there were some interesting small finds spanning from post medieval to 20th Century.

Here are some photos from Phil:

The site (Photo: Carter)

Site Office (Photo: Carter)

Sue and Morris from NAG (Photo by P.Carter)

Holly and Jude

Phil’s find from test pit

Flint thumb scraper found in spoil  (Photo: P Carter)

Phil Carter with Penshaw Monument in the background