South Hylton site update – dig starts 7th – 18th August 2017

The work at the main site at South Hylton will start very soon and we hope as many visitors as possible will be able to visit the site and watch the archaeologists at work.

This site is right on the river bank and is very muddy, slippy and dangerous and site access will be limited due to health and safety concerns.

The archaeologists will only be working at low tide and in good light. They are keeping their fingers crossed for good weather as heavy rain would make it impossible to work on this site.

The volunteering opportunities for this site were very limited due to the size of the site and health and safety issues. The volunteering opportunities to help with the actual dig on the actual site on the river bank have now been filled with specialist volunteers from the Northern Archaeology Group.

However visitors are very welcome to watch the dig in progress from the viewing sites.

There will also be a marquee erected over the weekend where finds will be washed and photographed. While this is taking place visitors can talk to the archaeologists  about the history of the site, the dig and what is being found.

Children are welcome to visit with responsible adults as it will be an opportunity for them to talk to real archaeologists, and help with the washing of finds.

There are more opportunities for children to get involved from the last week of August to the first week of September at the farm site on the opposite side of the river – for more information see here:

We are hoping that there will be specialist divers at the site for some of the time carrying out under water work.

There will also be talks and walks – more news coming soon.

While the site is being excavated a local photography club will be taking photos of the finds and the site.

If you would like to take photos during your visit you ae welcome to do so, but if you would like to talk to a photographer and get some advice about how to use your camera during your visit contact East Durham Photographic Association in advance at

Parking is very limited by the Golden Lion pub and we are advising visitors to park somewhere at the top of the bank near the Station and walk down.



7th August  Low tide is 10.22am – 16.26 pm

8th August Low tide is 10.27am – 17.01pm

9th August Low Tide is 11.32am – 17.35pm

Tide times are available a week in advance from :